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10 Gift Ideas for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

10 Gift Ideas for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Your mother has dedicated her life to you; show her how much her time and effort have meant to you over the years with a thoughtful, luxurious gift. Whether your mom prefers delightful baubles or unforgettable experiences, Twine and Love has a gift idea for every personality and style.

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, try one of these ideas that are sure to bring a smile to her face. Use this gifting guide as a jumping-off point; after all, you know your mom better than anyone, so feel free to put a unique twist on one of these suggestions.

Unique Handcrafted Coin Purse

Does your mom have a collection of coins in the cupholder in her car or scattered across the bottom of her purse? Give her a stylish, fun solution with a hand-beaded coin purse from Twine and Love. Choose a slogan that will make her smile, like “Soccer Mom” or “Cool Mom”—or go for a unique pattern or color! Every time she pulls out that little purse, she’ll get a reminder of your thoughtfulness and sense of humor.

Cooking Class

If your mom loves to spend time in the kitchen, help her hone her skills and creativity with a cooking class! Pick a class that teaches her favorite cuisines or a cuisine that she’s always wanted to try. If she wants to bring her spouse along for the experience, look for couples cooking classes in your area to encourage them to make a date night out of it.

Top Tip:

Is your mother known for her sweet temperament? Gift her a pastry course or a cake-decorating class. You may even benefit from her newfound knowledge later when she shows off what she’s learned!

Birthstone Necklace

Many moms like to carry reminders of their beloved children with them wherever they go. One creative way to encourage this is to customize a necklace with the birthstones of all of her children. Every time she wears it, she’ll be proud to tell curious onlookers about the significance of each gemstone.

Pearl Headband

Your mother has devoted a lot of her life to serving and nurturing her family; why not give her a gift that makes her feel like a queen? Twine and Love’s handmade pearl headbands are easy to slide on and will stay in place to sparkle all day. The hand-beaded pearl detailing is reminiscent of a crown in many ways, so your mom is sure to feel extra special when she wears it.

Top Tip:

Some of our pearl headbands incorporate knotted fabric for a more colorful look, while others are almost all sparkle. Choose a headband that best fits your mother’s style!

Shearling Slippers

Is your mom on her feet all day, working hard both in the home and out in the world? Encourage her to kick back, relax, and prioritize her own comfort with a pair of warm, high-quality shearling slippers. They’ll conform to the shape of your mom’s feet and keep them dry and toasty as she takes some time for herself.

Top Tip:

Shearling is an excellent choice for sensitive wearers, as it’s hypoallergenic. Plus, the lanolin in sheep’s wool is antibacterial and will limit foot odors.

Eye-Catching Earrings

If your mother is beloved among her friends and family for her unique sense of style, give her a pair of earrings that she’ll be excited to debut. Twine and Love has created a wide selection of hand-beaded earrings with unconventional imagery like Yorkshire terriers, champagne bottles, and ugly sweaters. Pick a pair that will make your mom laugh when she opens them—they’re sure to be a hit at Mother’s Day brunch!

Spa Day

Your mom spends 364 days of her year ensuring her loved ones are comfortable and taken care of. Return the favor this year with an all-inclusive spa package! Lavish her with luxurious services like a mani-pedi, a full body massage, facial treatments, and more. When her day of pampering is done, she may even ask for the same gift for her birthday!

Breakfast in Bed

When you were a kid, this may have been your go-to Mother’s Day gift—a homemade breakfast, delivered right to her in bed! Embrace the nostalgic feeling as you whip up her favorite breakfast foods and arrange them on a sturdy tray that will remain stable in bed. Don’t forget a nice, cold glass of orange juice!

Top Tip:

If you’re feeling extra sentimental, get out your (or your kids’) art supplies and make her a handmade card to tie a metaphorical bow around the experience.

Patterned Clutch Purse

Does your mom need a stylish bag to carry her essentials on evenings out? You’re in luck—Twine and Love has a wide variety of clutch purses for every unique style. Each bag’s pattern is hand-beaded with sturdy materials, so it’ll be a welcome spot of brightness in her wardrobe for years to come. Choose from dozens of colors and styles, from classic houndstooth to a rainbow of charming little dogs.

Wine Subscription Box

When your mom finishes a long day of work, household chores, or taking care of her loved ones, does she like to pour herself a glass of wine? Expand her sipping horizons with a wine-of-the-month subscription box that enables her to try vintages she may never have considered before. Complement the gifting experience with a customized wine glass that will hold a place of honor in her cabinet.

This Mother’s Day, pull out all the stops as you honor the many years of hard work your mother has put into caring for her family. Whether your mom prefers unique keepsakes or unforgettable experiences, use this gift guide from Twine and Love for inspiration as you shop.

No matter which of these gift ideas you bestow upon your mom for Mother’s Day, it truly is the thought that counts. You’ve spent a lifetime getting to know your mom as an extraordinary woman, so give her a gift she’ll use and treasure!

10 Gift Ideas for Your Mom This Mother’s Day