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About Us

We founded Twine and Love with a simple idea in mind: to offer beautiful, comfortable and affordable high-end accessories with great quality. We take great care to ensure every handmade accessory is perfect for you.

As 2020 started to unravel, we understood the importance to support essential workers at the beginning of the pandemic, including: Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, Postal Workers and Grocery store employees. Before we knew it, around September, it was time to help our frontline healthcare heroes. Many hospitals around the nation had run out of scrub caps and the doctors/nurses at these hospitals reached out to us for help.
With every sale we made, we have been able to help our community, our essential workers and the healthcare heroes around the nation.
Your purchase makes a difference!!!
Since day one, we promised to donate 1 product for each 3 we sold. As of March 15th, we have donated over 400 thousand items. Face masks to essential workers and scrub caps to hospitals across the nation, from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and many other cities in between.
But we are not stopping there, we are now partnering with nonprofits organizations that work to provide food for people in need.
In January, we donated 400 grocery bags, full of nonperishable items to rural communities in Latin America. 
Because having food is a basic human right, we will now pledge 10% of all sales towards this cause.
When you buy our accessories, you can be sure that you are not only buying a beautiful handmade and excellent quality product but you are also helping kids and families around the world! Without you this would not be possible. Thank you!
We now invite you to join us in the effort to help others, because at the end of the day is not what the world can do for us, but what we can do for the world.