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How To Make a Statement on Your Wedding Day

How To Make a Statement on Your Wedding Day

Summer is the season of weddings. If you’ve planned a summer wedding, you’re putting the final touches on your venue, wardrobe, ceremony, and celebration plans now. Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life, and any bride wants their guests to feel the same way too. If you’re looking for ways to make a statement on your wedding day and help it be more memorable for everyone, try incorporating some of your own personal style. Instilling personal touches will help you enjoy your wedding more thoroughly and help your guests remember it from all the other events they’ll attend this year and in the future.

Consider a Themed Wedding

Wedding themes have become increasingly more common throughout the years. Setting a theme for your celebration is a fantastic way to help your wedding be more memorable for you and your guests. Themes can also help guide your wedding planning process and create a cohesive vision. When you don’t have a sense of direction during your planning period, it can be easy to lose sight of your overall aesthetic. If you have too many conflicting pieces, it could cause your wedding to stand out negatively.

Choose a Dress That’s Uniquely You

One of the first things any bride looks forward to choosing for their wedding day is their dress. The bride’s dress can be one of the biggest points of interest for the wedding, making it an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dress styles, colors, and lengths until you find a garment that speaks to your style. You can also coordinate your wedding dress with your theme by choosing specific colors, accessories such as beading or lace, and other personal touches.

Choose Statement Jewelry and Accessories

Another way to make a statement on your wedding day is to select your accessories carefully. Your wedding dress will be one of the most eye-catching pieces of your bridal wardrobe, but how you accessorize your outfit can be just as important. If you want to make a statement without stepping too far outside the traditional wedding comfort zone, incorporating unique and creative accessories is a fantastic way to do so. Here are some examples of beautiful yet unique accessories that will make your wedding wardrobe more memorable.

Decorative Headbands

Decorative headbands can take your bridal hairstyles to the next level. From traditional white bands or ribbons to bright, colorful ones, you can choose a headband or hairpiece that reflects your style. Beaded headbands or floral hair accessories are some of the most popular pieces for bridal wardrobes. You can also incorporate your wedding veil into your headband or hair accessories. A beaded headband or hairpiece can add the perfect decorative touch to a traditional white lace veil.

Decorative Gloves

If you want to channel a vintage vibe for your dream wedding, consider adding a pair of elegant gloves to your wardrobe. Select a pair of sheer gloves with a subtle lace or floral design to add a delicate touch to your outfit. Alternatively, choose a pair of silk gloves with beading or crystal patterns if you want to make a statement.

Statement Earrings

If you’re looking for a subtle yet fashionable way to add unique accessories to your bridal wardrobe, try choosing a pair of statement earrings. Earrings are the perfect complement to any outfit, including your wedding day attire. If your veil or dress incorporates beading, floral designs, pearls, or other decorative elements, choose statement earrings that continue these elements. Depending on how much of a statement you want your earrings to make, you can size them up or down. For example, large, beaded earrings make a fashionable impact on your outfit while remaining light and wearable all day.

Bridal Handbags

Every bride needs a place to keep her belongings during the excitement of the ceremony and reception. Bridal handbags are perfect for storing wedding day must-haves such as your phone, makeup, accessories, and more. If you expect lots of emotions throughout the day, a handbag is also the perfect place to keep extra tissues to help keep your makeup from running. Besides being practical, bridal handbags or clutches also make a stylish accessory for your photos and to carry throughout the day.

Get Creative With Your Bridal Flowers

From wedding bouquets to table settings, there are many places to incorporate flowers on your wedding day. Along with your theme and gown, your choice of flowers can also make a statement and help your wedding stand out. If you have a themed wedding, you can use your floral selections as another way to bring out your theme. Choose blooms in colors that reflect your theme and overall design. If you want bright, colorful decorations and flowers throughout your venue, choose a bridal bouquet to match.

You can also help your bouquet stand out by incorporating decorations and trinkets, such as lace, beading, and more, that will hang off the stems and attract attention.

Where To Find Pieces That Make a Statement

If you’re looking for statement pieces like these, feel free to browse our selection of bridal accessories here at Twine and Love. We supply beautifully hand-sewn beaded jewelry, bags, hair accessories, and more. These styles can add the perfect touches to a traditional or modern wedding wardrobe or anywhere in between. Our accessories come in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit any bride’s tastes, so browse our offerings today to find a piece that would be perfect for your wardrobe.

Choosing unique designs and accessories are some of the best ways to make a statement on your wedding day. These tips can help you channel your sense of style and make elements of your wedding more memorable for you and your guests. If you’re ready to track down your ideal statement pieces, shop at Twine and Love. No matter your style, there’s something for any bride here.

How To Make a Statement on Your Wedding Day