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How Buying Handmade Accessories Helps Artisans

How Buying Handmade Accessories Helps Artisans


If you've ever visited an art fair or local market, you know how hard artisans work to deliver high-quality products to their communities. If you want to support artisans like these who create handcrafted goods with love, there are ways to help. Learn how buying handmade accessories helps artisans pursue their craft.

Creates Jobs for Local Artisans

When shopping online or in-person, choosing to buy from small businesses helps local artisans stay in business. By supporting their work and spreading the word about their goods, you can help them grow their audience and generate more revenue to support their business. For example, at Twine & Love, each of our products is lovingly handsewn. Gifting a handsewn accessory not only supports the artisan who made it, but it could also inspire the recipient to purchase more in the future. By purchasing handmade goods, you promote the artisanal goods market as a whole.

Stimulates Local Economies

When you support local artisans and small businesses, you invest your funds back into the local economy. Supporting small businesses helps their local economies grow stronger, which keeps these artisans in business. Every bit of support, including spreading the word to friends and locals, can help artisans and their small businesses continue producing goods. Simply choosing to shop for handmade accessories instead of shopping at big box stores can help encourage more people to do the same, which stimulates local economies further.

Preserves Traditional Crafting Skills

With support from consumers, artisans can continue to practice their craft, which keeps handmade items on the market. This also preserves the techniques that artisans use to create their products. Those who purchase or receive handmade goods could also form an interest in these items and consider learning more about the crafting process themselves.

These are just a few examples of how buying handmade accessories helps artisans. If you’re looking for more ways to support artisans, consider shopping at Twine & Love. Each of our high-end accessories are handmade for superior quality. If you’re looking for stunning accessories and want to support a local artisan today, browse our various accessory collections today.