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How To Choose the Right Fashion Accessories for You

How To Choose the Right Fashion Accessories for You

Do you feel that your wardrobe could use a little pick-me-up? When you peer into your closet in the morning, do you find yourself bored by what you see in there? Adding a few fashion accessories that vibe with your personal style philosophy can provide a sense of fun during your outfit selection process.

But how do you choose the right fashion accessories for you? Should you follow the latest trends to the letter, or follow your heart as you shop? Use these helpful hints from Twine and Love next time you’re on an accessory-shopping mission.

Tip #1: Consider the Occasion

What sort of occasion are you getting dressed for? A bonfire on the beach calls for a different style approach than, say, a church wedding. Strategize your accessory choices according to where you’re going.

Outdoors vs. Indoors

Will you be spending a great deal of time outside? Choose accessories that will help you adapt to changes in weather. A scarf, shawl, or wrap is a great opportunity to add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit, and you’ll be thankful for the item in outdoor environments when it starts to get chilly.

If you’ll be spending the majority of your time indoors, try elevating your look with a funky pair of shoes you don’t get to wear often.

Elegant vs. Casual

Is there a particular dress code for the occasion in question? If you’re accessorizing for a fancy gala event or dinner at an upscale restaurant, add a little sparkle with a rhinestone headband or gemstone jewelry. Don’t be afraid to wear those shiny bits with a sense of fun! If you’ve always loved tiara-style headpieces, wear one with your hair in a messy bun for a look that’s both elegant and playful.

Casual outings call for brighter, more effusive colors. Depending on your personal style, you might stack your wrists with beaded bracelets or tie a floral scarf into your hair. Your comfort is essential in pulling off any accessorized look, so prioritize items that make you smile over the latest trends you saw online.

Tip #2: Tap Into Your Personality

Any fashion site can give you tips on choosing the “right” fashion accessories for the current season to stay on top of trends. However, Twine and Love’s goal with this guide is to help you choose accessories for you. When you shop for accessories, look for items that you’ll be excited to wear over and over.

Your Style Philosophy

When you get dressed in the mornings, do you spend a few minutes putting on all your favorite jewelry? Perhaps you have a collection of brightly colored scarves you’ve collected on your travels. Which types of accessories do you typically gravitate toward?

You don’t need to push yourself too far outside your style comfort zone to choose the perfect fashion accessories for you. Take inspiration from what you already have and brainstorm how you can go even further in that direction. For example, if you own a lot of witty slogan t-shirts, pick up a pair of beaded earrings that make a statement of their own to wear with them.

Your Color Palette

Before you go shopping for new accessories to jumpstart your wardrobe, take stock of what’s in your closet—not just the pieces themselves, but the colors. Is every color of the rainbow represented, or do you stick mostly to neutrals?

If your wardrobe has plenty of colors and patterns, consider choosing more understated accessories that will tie a daring outfit together. Simple jewelry and solid-colored headbands, bags, and belts will make the clothes you already have even more versatile.

Meanwhile, if your clothing choices are mostly neutral and classic, use your accessories as an opportunity to go bold! Pick up a headband in your favorite animal print, or invest in beaded accessories that add both color and texture.

A Signature Piece

A signature piece is an item that holds special meaning for you, and you wear it just about every day. Which accessories do you wear most often? What sorts of pieces do you want others to associate with you?

If you love to stack your fingers with rings, look for a ring that speaks to you—perhaps an antique signet ring or a cocktail ring that features your birthstone.

Tip #3: Mix and Match

There’s no set formula for choosing accessories that are objectively right for you; it’s all based on vibes and what makes you feel confident. Don’t be afraid to combine different colors, patterns, or styles to arrive at an ensemble that’s uniquely you.


If you’ve taken any art classes, whether in school or in your free time, you probably spent some time fiddling with a color wheel. Apply those color theory principles to your philosophy on style.

For example, you don’t have to stay in one particular sector of the color wheel to create a harmonious outfit; make the whole look pop by adding complementary hues. If the main color of your outfit is a deep blue, accentuate it with a pair of earrings or bag in a sunny shade of peach or orange. If you’re wearing a crisp sundress in yellow and white, add a dash of purple with a headband or chunky bracelet.


One of the keys to creating a proportional outfit is balancing the sizes of your accessories. Will you be carrying your essentials in a large tote bag? Feel free to go smaller and daintier with your jewelry. Are your shoes for the occasion simple and flat? Go bold elsewhere in your outfit with a chunky necklace or statement earrings. It’s also important to consider how comfortable a pair of earrings can be. The Twine and Love beaded accessories collection offers a variety of handmade earrings made with seed beads that makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Top Tip:

Do you have multiple piercings in your ears? Mix and match different earring sizes and styles for a totally unique look! Wear eye-catching hoops or dangly earrings in your lobes, then fill your other piercings with an assortment of smaller studs.


Style experts used to advise against mixing and matching metals in your jewelry, but the latest fashion rule is that there are no rules. Sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel—you needn’t keep them all separate in your jewelry box.

Create a maximalist look with your jewelry by stacking your fingers with different types of rings. Or pile a mix of metal and plastic bangles onto your wrists! Choose accessories that you genuinely love to wear, and don’t worry about whether they coordinate perfectly.

Want to choose the right fashion accessories for you, but don’t know where to start? Keep this guide from Twine and Love on hand next time you engage in a little retail therapy. Opt for accessories that complement your existing wardrobe, and prioritize your personal sense of style over adherence to the latest trends.

How To Choose the Right Fashion Accessories for You