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How Beaded Clutches Can Help You Show Off Your Personality

How Beaded Clutches Can Help You Show Off Your Personality

Your choice of handbags has the potential to speak volumes about your style and personality. Some folks like to carry books and snacks in a shoulder bag, while others keep it light with a small but roomy clutch purse. The right beaded clutch can help you put your personality on display; use this guide to choose a clutch that’s just so you!

Sweet and Floral

Do your friends often comment on your kind and gentle temperament? Does your current wardrobe feature a lot of feminine floral prints? Accentuate the softness in your personality with a floral beaded bag for a look that’s both unique and timeless.

Funny and Funky

If you’re known for your offbeat sense of humor, bring a smile to onlookers’ faces with a beaded clutch that features a witty slogan or an unexpected pattern. Twine and Love’s selection of premium beaded clutch bags includes designs with humorous text and unique motifs like puppy dogs and ice cream cones.

Sleek and Sporty

Beaded bags and clutches aren’t just for the ultra-feminine among us. If your personality is more bold and straightforward, reflect that in your choice of bag! Choose a sporty stripe motif, a simple two-toned look, or even a plain beaded bag to add flair without too many frills.

Bold and Daring

In your friend group, are you always the one suggesting fun new adventures to try? Feed your inner wild child with an eye-catching animal print on your clutch purse. Stark leopard prints in natural tones will match your courageous personality.

Chic and Timeless

Beaded clutch purses often evoke the sensibilities of past fashion eras. If you’re a vintage enthusiast, look for a bag with an old-fashioned pattern like Art Deco geometry or a 1970s bohemian motif. Combine your love of the past with the modern sensibility of a space-efficient clutch.

Are you in the market for an eye-catching way to store essentials like your phone, keys, and wallet? A beaded clutch purse can help you show off your personality with unique patterns, color choices, and slogans. Choose a bag that will make you smile every time you bring it out!